Trump’s election to the US presidency opens path for significant impact to immigration

Trump’s election to the presidency may be the silver lining that the UK was looking for to boost business in a post-Brexit slump. His anti-immigrant rhetoric during the campaign has left many wondering where will the US go from here. While much remains unknown regarding how Trump’s ideas will translate into policy, we can expect him to take steps towards protecting US workers and halting free trade within his first several months of taking office in January. For prospective US immigrants, or even potential visitors to the US, this could lead to additional scrutiny (and certainly additional hoops to jump) when applying for visas. Trump has indicated that he will curb immigration from terror-prone countries, which could quite possibly extend to citizens of those countries regardless of their current location. He has also professed a plan to eliminate free trade, which could have a significant impact on foreign nationals who are working in the US pursuant to trade-based visas or working for trade-based employers. It is likely that US nationals, other US-based foreign nationals and many businesses will be motivated to leave the US for countries less volatile. The UK, though embroiled in its own political turmoil, may prove to be an attractive alternative for the displaced US people and businesses.

The election results signify just the beginning of major changes within the political and immigration landscape in the US. With offices focused exclusively on US and UK immigration law in both London and Chicago, the US and UK teams at Immigration One (service of Clarus Law Group) will remain at the forefront of these changes and ready to assist clients with moves to or from the US.

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