Here are a few excerpts from letters and emails from some of our clients.

“I have recommended Immigration One, specifically Mona Chawla, to others in need of such services, as I was extremely happy with her and greatly appreciated her conscientious approach on making the process as smooth and speedy as possible.”

Magnum Opus
Tier 2 application

“This was a very stress free process as Immigration One handled all the paperwork and details, I was just left with providing supporting documents. The application is long and difficult to fill out, so Immigration One was well worth the costs. Very satisfied with their services.”

Greggory Chopper
Tier 1 Highly Skilled Worker

“Immigration One is made up of great professionals offering a good service at an affordable price. Their lawyers are knowledgeable and up-to-date. I look forward to using them again in the future.”

Murphy & Darou Engineers LLC
H-1B and E-3 visas

“I was impressed with Mona’s professionalism and the meticulous individual attention she gave to our case. As a result, our business visa was approved smoothly. I will certainly recommend her to all my colleagues and friends.”

Indu Abbi
US E-2 Treaty Investor

“We were hesitant to engage in a firm to handle our work permit application as we traditionally handled them ourselves. However, Immigration One took the hassle out of the process and delivered excellent results and excellent services. I would highly recommend them.”

The Allmark Ltd.
UK Business Work Permits

“Dealing with the immigration services can be a nightmare, therefore we chose Clarus Law Group to help guide us through the legal mine field. Without Clarus Law Group, we would still be going through the process, of course it costs money but it’s more than worth it for piece of mind and expert guidance. I will certainly continue to use them for my future immigration requirements they are trusted, considerate and professional but most of all they have the clients best interests at heart.”

Neil Hooper
UK Settlement and Tier 4 Applications

“Ms. Chawla was always there when I needed an answer or I had a concern. I was always sending Mona emails regarding my concerns and she returned them straight away which is exactly what you need when you are looking for answers or you have concerns. Everything was very professional and without Mona submitting my application I doubt I would have obtained my visa. Thank you.”

Lisa Macdonald
US E-2 Treaty Investor

“The entire visa process with Clarus Law Group was professional, timely, and cost-effective for our employee’s work permit application.   We were constantly reassured during our panic-stricken moments with courtesy and promptness.   We would be happy to use your services again.”

Gibbs Technologies Ltd.

“Ms Mona Chawla works very efficiently with positive thinking and unfailing zeal for maximum results. As one of her clients I am very satisfied with the results.”

Akira Suemori
UK Highly Skilled Migrant Programme

“Fantastic service, easily contactable, and questions were always dealt with efficiently.”

Metronet LLC
US L-1A Establishing a new office

“Several options were covered before deciding that a US Re-entry Permit was the best option given my circumstances. I was very satisfied the services overall.”

Richard Calverley
US Re-Entry Permit

“Clarus Law Group has handled all our immigration requirements with personalised care and expert knowledge. Our situation was highly complex but Ms. Chawla’s advice was creative and techincally sound, leading us to a successful outcome. She has tremendous expertise in both the US and UK markets in the context of setting up new ventures and their immigration consequences. Will certainly recommend her to my colleagues.”

Communique Ltd.
UK & US Skilled employment visas

“Clarus Law Group has been a great help, I probably would have given up without their friendly, professional advice and assistance.”

John Seaman
UK Ancestry Visa

“There are only a handful of good solicitors in the UK that handle American visas. Ms. Chawla was recommended to us by a dear friend and she was professional and friendly. Her fees were reasonable too considering we saw her in the Mayfair office.”

William Olsen
US green card

“I applied for the HSMP on my own twice and was feeling hopeless. Then I decided to hire Immigration One. They spent considerable time on my case and finally got my HSMP approval. I am so grateful for their extra time and help and Mona did not even charge me any extra legal fees. I am delighted to fulfill my dream of moving to the UK.”

Ava Gardner
UK Highly Skilled Migrant Programme

“Ms. Chawla has been dealing with our immigration processing since 2009. We are based in the UK and have a few offices in the US. We regularly require employees to be sent to the US and have also hired American nationals to work in the UK. We delegate all our visa applications, including H, L, E visas as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2 sponsored work applications to Ms. Chawla’s law firm. Will continue to rely on her guidance and will also continue to refer her.”

Optics Reliance Worldwide
UK employment and investment visa and US business visas

“We hired Clarus Law Group for setting up a new office in the US. They provided guidance on the L1A visa and also helped with consular processing in London. Overall, very pleased! Fantastic service, easily contactable, and questions were always dealt with efficiently.”

Lara Gilmore
US L1A Establishing a new office

“Clarus Law Group have been knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. They supplied a comprehensive list of everything that we would need to produce, reviewed all our documentation, which they submitted on our behalf along with the forms that she had completed for us. As a result of Laine’s hard work and expert advice, the L1 visas were approved instantly.  I am sure that our applications would not have gone so smoothly without her assistance. Quite simply, Laine has been indispensable in guiding us through the process. We would highly recommend Laine and her colleagues.”

RJ Recruitment Ltd.

“There are only a handful of good solicitors in the UK that handle American visas.  Ms. Chawla was recommended to us by a dear friend and she was professional and friendly.  Her fees were reasonable too considering we saw her in the London office.”

William Olsen